Santiago Mora

Santiago Mora

General Manager Kasa WholeFoods

Entrepreneur, winner of the Bolivar group’s emprendepais award, Davivienda in 2016, with more than 8 years of experiences in food and mass consumption. He is currently the General Manager of Kasa Wholefoods, a company in which it is innovating with the Mambe and Almost Virgin brands.

The mambe brand is in charge of making visible mass consumer products such as mambe juices and Guee Mambe butter and future developments such as mambe chocolates, Mambe beans and Mambe Pizza Dough Base.

The Almost virgin brand is responsible for making sexual well-being products with CBD-based oils visible. Future developments are focused on having water-based lubricants.

He is currently focused on expanding the product portfolio, innovating in foods based on cannabis and its derivatives, as allowed by current national regulations


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