Nicolás Lyng

Nicolás Lyng

Nicolas has worked during his years in different markets beginning his career as Musician and Publicist playing his own music at “Love Parade Berlin 2006” at the age of 24. Then, Already with a Chilean Advertising Award granted by “Diario la Segunda”, Nicolás begins to work in Investment Funds mainly with mining projects until 2011, the year in which he changes to Deputy Logistics Manager of a Cold Warehouses company. In 2014 he returns to event production working for “Legalize festival”, “Ultra Music Festival”, “Surfbeats festival” and many more.

 As former CFO of IT companies, former CFO of “Most Wanted Wear” and with great knowledge in Cannabis, Cannabis Extractions and having studied the Chilean laws on cannabis is that he begins with his brother Jorge and some friends to form “Patagonia Farms SpA”, a company that today has authorization for two medicinal cannabis crops and has been the first company in Chile to obtain the resolution for the installation of a pharmaceutical laboratory for API (All types of API).

Patagonia Farms has 115 hectares to grow (between Chile and Peru) to the extent as its necessary and is a company that will be dedicated to Cannabis API and other API molecules derived from plants or fungi. Since 2018 Nicolas is Co-Founder and CEO of Patagonia Farms SpA And since its formation he is Director of ACCI (Chilean Association of Industrial Cannabis).

 Patagonia Farms SpA will enter in other cannabis areas diferent than API at the correct moment.


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