Kieve Huffman

Kieve Huffman

Kieve has built lifestyle businesses and created new brands and products in music, cannabis and tech for over 25 years. He was one of the founders of the leading cannabis media company, PRØHBTD Media, which built the first multi-platform video network, created a leading branding agency that worked on over 60+ brand projects.

As founder and CEO of Engager Brands he continues to leverage his deep experiences in cannabis and music to bring a unique and global approach to creating authentic lifestyle brands.  He builds multi-state cannabis brands with multinational appeal including Heavy Grass, Neon Roots, and Clown Cannabis.

Kieve has worked for or with leading technology, media, mobile and consumer brands including all of the major music, film and TV companies as well as Apple, Microsoft,, Mountain Dew, Jagermeister and many more. In his time in the music industry he grew the digital business at BMG from under $1mm to $250mm as its GM of Digital for North America.

Kieve has a passion for health and wellness, travel, food, and music.  He lives his sporting life vicariously through his 13-year old soccer playing son.


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