Efraín López

Efraín López

Director of Árpez Company

Efraín López Amarís is the director of Árpez Company, an enterprise that develops consultancies in cannabis industries and scientific researches about the same subject. He is a lawyer with specialization in Administrative Law from the Rosario University and is cursing a master degree in Information and Communications Technologies Regulation in Externado University. He counts with a continuing education certificate from the National University in Production and Transformation of cannabis and a certificate of completion in Regulatory Aspects of Cannabis, from Los Andes University.

During 2019 and 2020, as a contractor, he worked as juridical leader in the cannabis area at the Justice Ministry of Colombia, where he supported and was part of the framing, articulation and the complete construction of the Decree 811 of 2021. He also advises foreign governments for the implementation of the new regulations of cannabis in those countries.

He has also worked as speaker and professor in Cannabis Regulation in light of the OEA and before the Inter American Drug Abuse Control Commission, as well in universities like Sergio Arboleda, Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Externado. Currently he is a professor at the Rosario University, in the Continuing Education Program course in Juridical, Phytosanitary and Corporate Aspects of the Cultivation, Harnessing and Merchandising; and at the National University of Colombia, in the Continuing Education Program course in control and supervision of cannabis, directed to judges, prosecutors and other administrative authorities of Colombia.


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